Chuck E. Cheese Debuts New B-day Party Pack

Chuck E. Cheese Debuts New B-day Party Pack

Chuck E. Cheese has long been a favorite pizza place for birthday party planners who like the easy setup and cleanup, and pricing options that fit any budget. Now, with wallets tighter than ever, Chuck E. Cheese now has new "Star" and "Superstar" birthday packages that help parents get more bang for their birthday party buck.

The new packages at Chuck E. Cheese include longer reservation times and several new items for the birthday star, including a chance for the birthday star to step into the Ticket Blaster and grab as many flying tickets and ticket vouchers as he or she can hold, then redeem them for awesome prizes.

Parents can now select either a "Star" or "Super Star" package for a two-hour celebration that includes decorations, drinks and pizzas made with the company's newly improved pizza recipe, as well as tokens for the many games and rides, and an all-new Chuck E. Airwalker balloon and limited-edition medallion for the birthday child at Chuck E. Cheese.

Reserving a Chuck E. Cheese party time is now easier, too, and can be booked online, or with a reservation agent at 888-778-7193. Fridays and weekends are naturally the busiest times for parties and non-party business, so you might also want to avoid the crowds by booking your birthday party Monday through Thursday, which gives you and your guests unlimited time at their tables - which translates into more fun for birthday stars and their friends.

A final note: If your child wants to party at Chuck E. Cheese, but you're unable to make a reservation for some reason, you can still experience its special brand of fun and excitement through walk-in parties, where you can purchase goodie bags fopr your guests and a Chuck E. Cake (complete with birthday candles for the birthday star to blow out) and make a birthday wish come true by going to Chuck E. Cheese!

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