Movie Review: Spooky Buddies

Movie Review: Spooky BuddiesMovie Review: Spooky Buddies
Movie Review: Spooky Buddies
Movie Review: Spooky Buddies

Spooky Buddies is the sixth film starring everyone's favorite golden retriever pups. This time the Buddies take on some supernatural demons.

In 1937 the evil Warlock Warwick hatched a plan with the Halloween Hound to take over the town of Fernfield and then the world. To do this they needed the souls of five sibling puppies. It happened that there were five Beagle pups in town so on Halloween night when there was a full moon, the pups were rounded up and as the Halloween Hound was just about to take the soul of the last puppy Pip, the sun rose and disrupted the entire plan leaving Pip's spirit in this world while his body was turned to stone. Thankfully, Warwick and the Halloween Hound were caught inside the portal and posed no more threat to the people of Fernfield. From then on the curse of the Halloween Hound was relayed from one generation to another.

Well, that was 75 years ago and thankfully no one has brought the evil Warwick and the Halloween Hound back to this world. But of course when the Spooky Buddies are around things kind of get out of hand. On Halloween when there happens to be a full moon B-Dawg manages to reverse the curse releasing Warwick and the Halloween Hound back into this dimension. The town and the world are again in danger of being enslaved. It's up to the Buddies to save their kids and the town. They do so with the help of a cute little fortune telling Chinese Crested named Zelda and the spirit of Pip, who has been wandering around the house for the past 75 years since the Halloween Hound stole the souls of his four brothers and sisters.

This is truly fun family entertainment filled with the Halloween spirit. Spooky Buddies may be just a little too scary for some very young children so parents need to keep that in mind. For the most part though, parents and kids alike will enjoy this frightfully entertaining story with Rosebud, Bud-dha, Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, their kids, and their new friends Zelda and Pip.

Air Bud started the franchise with his sporting prowess. He was a favorite among fans. What could be better than the sweet Golden Retriever? How about his puppies? The “Buddies” films are an extremely popular direct-to-DVD franchise which began in 2006 with Air Buddies. In 2008 Snow Buddies was the best-selling live-action Direct-to-DVD film of all time. In 2009 Space Buddies launched the puppies into space, and later that year they took on the North Pole in Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws. Last year they starred in The Search for Santa Paws. With the popularity of these loveable puppies, there is no limit to where they will go or what they will encounter next.

Robert Vince, the writer/director of the Buddies films once told me, “I love Golden Retrievers. They're great dogs and they're great family dogs too. You can never go wrong with a Golden Retriever.” And as the folks at Walt Disney Home Entertainment have discovered with the Buddies franchise, the retriever puppies are definitely golden!

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