Revenge Review (S1E18): "Justice"

Revenge Review (S1E18): "Justice"

Tonight episode ("Justice" S1E18) of Revenge fast forwards three months in the future, to the cold winter in the Hamptons and the even colder atmosphere at the Grayson home where Daniel's (Josh Bowman) murder trial is already in full swing.

At the start of "Justice," things are not looking too bright for Daniel, as Declan (Connor Paolo) is set to take the stand for the prosecution and perjure himself to protect his brother (while throwing his ex under the bus). Worse for the Grayson's, their lawyer is worried about a particular juror who seems to have a vendetta out for Daniel. Of course, this is not acceptable to his mother, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), who will go to any lengths to protect her family. But more on that later.

And what about Declan's brother, Jack (Nick Wechsler)? He's stuck in Boston searching for his long lost love, Amanda. He's having no luck in "Justice," which is no surprise considering the entire trip is a plot by Emily (Emily VanCamp) and her partner in crime, Nolan (Gabriel Mann), to protect Jack by keeping him away from the trial. Their plan hits a snag, however, when Jack finds out about his brother testifying and rushes back home to try and convince Declan to tell the truth. 

Meanwhile, Victoria tries to manipulate her daughter Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) to manipulate Declan to tell the truth. But when the time comes for Declan to make a choice on the witness stand, he chooses his brother over his (ex) girlfriend and sticks to his (perjured) story.

So what is a morally bankrupt ice queen like Victoria to do now? Well, how about some old fashioned jury tampering! Victoria summons her "muscle" Lee (Derek Ray) to threaten the previously mentioned juror's son if she does not acquit or hang the jury.  

Later in "Justice," Emily finds out that Jack still kept his blood stained sweatshirt from that fateful night. She immediately rushes over to Jack's to steal the sweatshirt but doesn't realize Daniel is watching her and starting to get more suspicious (especially when he gets his hands on some hard liquor).

Emily recovers the sweatshirt but when she returns home, she is met by an extremely upset (and drunk) Daniel, demanding to know where she has been. Unfortunately for him, Emily's home is not part of his house arrest safety zone, and the police show up to take him back to prison. A little bit later in "Justice," we see the police arresting Lee, who just happens to have the bloody sweatshirt in his trunk at the time. Hmmm, who could have put it there? Soon, Lee is on the phone threatening Victoria to spill all of his beans on her. So, Victoria is forced to come clean about Lee to Conrad (Henry Czerny).

We see Daniel in his cell in "Justice," writing to Emily about how he is going to end things. We then see what appears to be a prisoner who has hanged himself in his cell. Say what? Is this the end for Daniel? Of course not! The dead prisoner is actually Lee, who conveniently also left a suicide note where he confesses to the murder, exonerating Daniel.

That leads us to the closing bombshell in "Justice" when it is revealed that Conrad hired someone to kill Lee in prison…just like he had done years before with Emily's father. That's right folks, the Grayson's had Emily's father killed! And now she knows about it. Look. Out.

"Justice" was a very solid episode that managed to bring together a multitude of story threads that have been building for a long time and tie them together to the point where you think everything has been resolved. But of course, nothing is ever resolved on Revenge, which is why it's so deliriously addicting.

The only weak storyline for me in "Justice" were the scenes between Victoria and her British lover. Seeing her all lovey dovey with another man seemed like the Victoria of old, not the cold hearted Victoria we have all grown to love.  

Still, Revenge continues to thrill and entertain as it approaches what is sure to be a captivating final month of episodes. Emily has spent the majority of her life plotting a complex and sinister revenge plot against the Grayson's for framing her father. Now that she knows they also MURDERED her father, I'm thinking all bets are off. The Grayson's might be in some serious trouble. I say bring it on.

I give this week's episode of Revenge 4 stars out of 5.

"I came here for one reason. Nothing's going to get in my way."  Emily - "Justice" S1E18

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