After All These Years on Hallmark Movie Channel

After All These Years on Hallmark Movie ChannelAfter All These Years on Hallmark Movie Channel
After All These Years on Hallmark Movie Channel
After All These Years on Hallmark Movie Channel

Currently Wendie Malick stars in the hit TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland, playing the self-absorbed Victoria Chase. Malick is not a stranger on the television scene. Her list of credits is long and includes both dramatic as well as comedic roles. Malick played Judith Tupper Stone in the TV series Dream On, and held her own opposite Laura San Giacomo, George Segal, and David Spade as Nina Van Horn in the hit sitcom Just Shoot Me (1997-2003). She has appeared in many TV shows and feature films, and her latest gig is starring in the Hallmark Movie Channel made-for-TV film After All These Years.

After All These Years is a fun little film about Audrey, a woman who finds herself in the middle of a giant mess, to put it mildly. After a grand 30th anniversary party to celebrate her marriage to Michael (Barclay Hope), he discloses that he is in love with his co-worker and is going to marry her. Unable to fully realize that he is gone, Audrey thinks it is a little fling and that he will return to her. They have a son and "history." But as the weeks go on she realizes he is never coming back.

Audrey finally starts getting on with her life and everything is going well until one night she trips over Michael's dead body in her kitchen. How did he get into the house, and how did he get a knife stuck in his chest? Panic, confusion, annoyance, and temporary insanity converge as Audrey attempts to dislodge the knife from her dead soon-to-be ex- husband. Then reality sets in and she dials 9-1-1.

The spouse is always the first suspect, and in this case everything points to Audrey. She is a jilted wife, and her prints are on the knife that killed Michael. As the police gather their evidence and put together a case, Audrey realizes it is up to her to find the real killer. Fleeing in a wig and disguise, Audrey takes off to put the clues together to save her life and find who really killed her husband.

The list of people who harbored a grudge against Michael grows. This man was not the good, decent, upstanding businessman Audrey thought he was. He was ruthless and a womanizer. The list of people who had reason to kill Michael gets longer and Audrey finds herself in a real life who-done-it. Who really killed Michael?

She reaches out to her old boyfriend David (Gregory Harrison). Honestly, the scenes with Harrison and Malick are the best in the film. They make a fun on-screen couple and in this case a great duo that put the pieces of the puzzle together. And you'll have to agree that together they are a handsome pair.

While viewers will undoubtedly find themselves scratching their heads trying to keep up with all the players and scenarios, in the end it is fun to see Malick solve the crime. She is so much fun to watch no matter what character she plays. Even when she is bumbling, she is a class act. And seeing her in different wigs only reinforces the fact that this is one beautiful woman. Plus, I had the opportunity to speak with her personally a few months ago and can say that she is a sweet person.

After All These Years premiers Saturday, April 20, 2013 on Hallmark Movie Channel.

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