Grey's Anatomy Review (S8E22): "Let the Bad Times Roll"

Grey's Anatomy Review (S8E22): "Let the Bad Times Roll"

With only a couple of episodes left in the season, Grey's Anatomy keeps the interest 'rolling' in this week's episode ("Let the Bad Times Roll" S8E22). 

"Let the Bad Times Roll" opens with the residents all in a major funk after just completing their boards. Confused and defeated, we see how each Doctor's test went down. Christina (Sandra Oh) has to deal with an elder administrator (William Daniels -aka, Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World) conducting her test, who critiques every answer she gives. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) battles the stomach flu the entire time. April (Sarah Drew) completely freaks out and basically loses focus (and her mind) preoccupying her thoughts with the fact that she broke her bond with Jesus by sleeping with Jackson (Jesse Williams) and losing her virginity the night before. 

Meanwhile in "Let the Bad Times Roll," Jackson is disturbed by his mother's overall presence, between hearing her voice through the walls of his testing room the entire session, and thoughts of previously catching her in bed with ex-chief Richard (James Pickens, Jr.). Karev (Justin Chambers) surprisingly makes it back from Seattle Grace to San Francisco, where the boards are being held, just in time to take parts 2 and 3 of the test; however, due to his tardiness, he must score a perfect grade to pass them.   

Richard and Jackson's mother, both administrators for the Boards, reminisce about their night together, and also reveal to us that word has it, all but one of the Seattle Grace residents passed. With each resident having major issues throughout their testing, all are confident they failed and anxiously awaiting the resultsin "Let the Bad Times Roll,"

Back at the Hospital, Mark's (Eric Dane) girlfriend shocks him with the idea that she wants to have a baby with him. Derek tries to do the brotherly thing by telling Lexie (Chyler Leigh) about it, but quickly feels like he's put his foot in his mouth and is tired of trying to make everyone's decisions for them. Lexie freaks out and later blurts out her love for Mark, just before his girlfriend arrives to meet him.  

In "Let the Bad Times Roll," Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) childhood friend becomes a patient at the hospital in order to have a cancerous tumor removed that he kept quiet about for 6 years. And Owen (Kevin McKidd) puts Bailey (Chandra Wilson) in charge of a group of prospective candidates for the day.

I am a huge fan of actress Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner. She gives an incredibly uncomfortable and hysterical performance in "Let the Bad Times Roll," showing how stressful taking the biggest test of a lifetime can be for a Doctor.

I definitely enjoyed the flow of "Let the Bad Times Roll," and the fact that it leaves you questioning what's next for the residents. As the final scene comes to a close, we learn that the one resident who did not pass the test was Kepner, which I feel was written just right because she was the biggest mess through the entire test. 

I'm excited to see what next week's episode brings and what decisions are going to be made. Who will leave Seattle Grace for greener pastures?!  We'll see…

I give this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy a 4 out of 5 hearts!

"That wasn't an exam, that was an interrogation." -Jackson Avery, "Let the Bad Times Roll" S8E22

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