Mike & Molly Review (S2E21): "Bachelor/Bachelorette"

Mike & Molly Review (S2E21): "Bachelor/Bachelorette"

One of Mike & Molly's weaknesses is its insistence to, at times, force every line in a scene to get a laugh. Instead of allowing for more organic-sounding, free-flowing conversation, the show occasionally gets somewhat bogged down in shooting for lots of small laughs and thereby losing the ability to create quality jokes. Tonight's episode ("Bachelor/Bachelorette" S2E21) fell into that trap several times.

In "Bachelor/Bachelorette," Mike (Billy Gardell) and Molly (Melissa McCarthy) take the next step toward their wedding: bachelor and bachelorette parties. The episode is set up right from the beginning to have two central plotlines balancing it out.

In the stronger of the two, Mike's father comes to his son's bachelor party. While the pair starts off on poor footing, by the end of "Bachelor/Bachelorette" they've done a reversal, with the two talking about trying to better their relationship.

In Molly's plotline, Peggy (Rondi Reed) essentially invites herself to the bachelorette party. Upset that her ex-husband has returned, she dresses scantily in the hopes of making him jealous. Although she gets to go home with a male stripper (whom she invited), she does not really get to her ex, as he and Mike are too drunk to realize who she was.

This half of "Bachelor/Bachelorette" doesn't work nearly as well as Mike's. Nothing is really accomplished, and no story is furthered other than the surface level act of checking one thing off the wedding's to-do list. Whereas in Mike's story, we get to see a tender moment (as tender as it can be, I suppose) between father and son, in Molly's we don't get anything of equal value.

This is not to say that Molly's story in "Bachelor/Bachelorette" isn't as funny as Mike's; it's more that it's not as rewarding or fulfilling. It feels like it's there to basically take up space and just give Molly something do. Had this plotline been beefed up, "Bachelor/Bachelorette" could have been a much better episode.

That said, Mike's half of the show is redeeming enough to at least partially carry "Bachelor/Bachelorette." What it does, it does well. It moves the story forward and brings another layer to Mike and his father's dynamic relationship. As well, the nice words spoken by Carl (Reno Wilson) on Mike's behalf were a sweet touch.

I give this week's episode of Mike & Molly 3/5 stars.

"Well, if we're looking for something to do, we could swing by my Mom's and I could prove to her I do have friends." Harry - "Bachelor/Bachelorette" S2E21

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