Costa Del Mar - The Right Sunglasses Make All the Difference

Costa Del Mar - The Right Sunglasses Make All the DifferenceCosta Del Mar - The Right Sunglasses Make All the Difference
Costa Del Mar - The Right Sunglasses Make All the Difference
Costa Del Mar - The Right Sunglasses Make All the Difference

We all know that sunscreen is important for our skin. You might not think that sunglasses are as important for our eyes, but they are. Getting the right pair can make the difference between being comfortable and enjoying being outside or being uncomfortable.

My eyes are extremely sensitive, and I know many readers have the same problem. People with contacts or who suffer from migraines know about sensitivity to sunlight. I have personally tried many different brands and colors of lenses. Sure, I would love to wear a fancy designer style but most of them do not come with polarized lenses, and once you have worn polarized lenses you'll never go back.

My previous pair of sunglasses - before I discovered Costa del Mar - looked and felt great, however after about an hour outside my eyes began feeling strained. That is not uncommon. The problem is that light includes many different colors and most lenses don't filter them all. So, while at a fishing show, of all places, I purchased a pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses. I am not exaggerating when I say that my eyes instantly felt better. So I began researching the company.

Founded in 1983 by fishermen, Costa lenses are designed to cut glare and shut out sunlight so the founders could see the fish in the water. I'm not a fisherman - or fisherwoman - so what would I want with lenses designed for intense fishing? The answer is that these lenses translate to being high performance for everyone, not only anglers. They are the clearest polarized lenses on the market.

Costa Del Mar Logo

Perform, Protect, and Explore

The mantra for the company is "Perform, Protect, and Explore."

When it comes to "Perform" that refers to their lens and frame technology. The 580 lenses are in my new sunglasses and are the reason my eyes feel comfortable. They block yellow light, which is the harshest light and often causes eye strain. According to the company, it is 580 nanometers on the light spectrum. What does that mean? I'm not an expert but I can attest to the fact that I see better with these glasses. The colors are vivid and there is no glare, plus all the UV protection is standard with their sunglasses. No matter what color lens you choose, the protection is there. And, there is a choice between glass and polycarbonate. The lenses can be ground for prescriptions as well.

As far as comfort, my glasses do not slip down my nose, thanks to the small nose pads and temple tips. I have discovered I am not continually pushing up my glasses all day long. How cool is that?

By "Protect" the company means conservation. Having been founded by nature enthusiasts Costa works side by side with several partners to aid in conservation and they support organizations through their conservation efforts.

Kenny Chesney has joined forces with Costa to create a line of glasses. Proceeds from this line benefit the Coastal Conservation Association.

"Explore" relates to the world. Because the company's main focus (no pun intended) is on the world of fishing, they explore exotic and previously unknown areas for avid anglers.


So, you're not a fisherperson. Why would you want to know about Costa? Hey, if I heard they were created originally to help anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, I might not even consider them. But because they are highly crafted and go the extra mile to protect eyes, that captured my attention. My eyes are very important to me and I will do anything to save them and keep them strong. But I also want to look good in my sunglasses. How good can I look in a pair of glasses designed for health and acute vision? The answer: Fabulous.

There are dozens of styles for men and women. If you want the "Jackie O" style, the Hammock is the one for you. It's a big (but not too big) circular, classy frame that looks as good at a baseball game as it does at a garden party. This is my new accessory when I wear a dress or suit. While I don't have the funds that Jackie did, at least I can feel like it while protecting my eyes.

Frameless is all the rage these days. I tried the Cayan model, which is so lightweight I don't feel like I have sunglasses on. These frames are perfect for cyclists, tennis players and other activities because they are lightweight and do not impair peripheral vision.

My everyday style is called Isabella. It's sporty yet fashionable. Unlike many people who use one pair of sunglasses for everything, I change the style of my Costa sunglasses - almost as much as I change my mind.

With most of their glasses, you are able to select a color of the frame and lens. Some frames only come in certain colors, and are paired with certain colors of lenses. Check out their website where you can "build your own Costas." (

By now you might think I am a paid spokesperson for Costa. You're wrong. I simply discovered a product I like and believe in and wanted to share it with my readers. The sunglasses are comfortable and reduce eyestrain, and the company is a friend of the environment.

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