The Dress

The Dress

Mike & Molly Review (S2E20): "The Dress"

Last night's episode ("The Dress" S2E20) featured a soon-to-be bride on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Dragging along her mother and sister, both of whom take full advantage of the store's complimentary champagne, Molly (Melissa McCarthy) tries on her wedding dress at the bridal boutique but is frustrated that it will not zip up. With three weeks to go until the big day, she has exactly six pounds to lose for that dress to fit. Refusing to have it let out, she is determined to get rid of the extra weight.

The next morning, she drafts Mike (Billy Gardell) into her plans to slim down in order to fit in the dress. Hopping out of bed at 5 a.m., Molly wakes up her unsuspecting fiancé and informs him that they're going to run two miles that morning. Confused and disgruntled, he obliges only to return from their outing a sweaty and exhausted mess. In the meantime, Joyce (Swoosie Kurtz) and Victoria (Katy Mixon) have been clearing the house of any "temptation" that might cause Molly to either derail her diet or fly off the handle at her loved ones. Though Mike begs Molly for a break, like a drill sergeant she tells him that they'll be running again tomorrow morning. With that, she storms off, but in a measure of solidarity, Joyce hands Mike the bag of off-limits food and instructs him to eat it behind the garage to avoid Molly's ire.

Later that day in "The Dress," Mike complains to Carl (Reno Wilson) of Molly's irrational behavior. Sympathetic to his friend's dilemma, Carl explains to Mike the situation in "guy terms" and compares Molly's wedding day to the first time Mike saw a woman's "boobs." Aha! Recalling the exact date and young lady of his affection, Mike now understands just how this wedding might be consuming Molly's every thought and controlling all her actions.

Meanwhile in "The Dress," Molly checks in on the scale and is less than thrilled with the results. She decides to hit the gym for a spinning class and once again enlists Mike to accompany her. Yet moments before the session is to begin, Molly runs into an old acquaintance. Thing is, she barely recognizes the woman because she has lost more than fifty pounds. Claiming that she did it slowly over the course of a few years, she inadvertently throws Molly off her mojo and exposes her overwhelming insecurity of trying to drop those dress pounds in just a few weeks. Leaving Mike to fend for himself, Molly makes a beeline for the car where she knows her fiancé has candy stashed away.

As she is about to give in to the momentary rush of that bite-sized chocolate goodness, Molly reconsiders and gains back her self-control. She puts down the candy and is about to return to the spinning class when she is confronted by an obnoxious gym devotee who hits her car door and then offers her a five-dollar bill for "a slice of pizza" as compensation. Now at her breaking point, Molly retaliates by kicking off the woman's side view mirror and is promptly taken off to jail.

In one of the more humorous scenes of "The Dress," Molly then finds solace in her cellmates. She admits to them that she is "tweaking pretty bad right now" and listens to their own stories of rage, which includes one woman setting her fiancé's legs on fire. Molly's response? "I see how that might give him cold feet… ironically."

Mike eventually comes to the rescue and takes Molly home, where she immediately goes back to the scale and learns that she somehow ended up gaining weight while in jail. Broken down and disappointed, she is joined in the bathroom by Mike and tells him how sorry she is for having made his life hell over the past two days. Admitting that she just wanted to look perfect for him on their wedding day, he responds the only way a man in love can: he tells her that she already is beautiful to him. Finding solace in his answer, she gets up to leave but not before telling him that "I'm gonna fit into that freaking wedding dress if it kills us all."

I give this week's Mike & Molly a 4 out of 5.

"Nobody gains weight in prison!" Molly Flynn - "The Dress" S2E20

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