Notes From Another Planet

Notes From Another Planet

The hot water in my apartment was malfunctioning yet again and it had been a few days since I had taken a decent shower.

Two of my old roommates from college had randomly called me that morning to announce that they would be passing through town. They wanted to meet me for coffee. I was in the middle of an intense project (if you must know, I was composing an existential rock opera) and I wasn't really in the mood to socialize, but it had been several months since I had seen these people. Besides, I had stayed up late writing music and was going to need coffee anyway. 

Taking a little break to catch up with a couple of old friends wasn't a bad idea.

I attempted to shower by microwaving a bowl of water and dumping it on my head. This procedure did nothing to improve the general greasiness of my hair, so I decided to put on a hat. I was trying on a fur beret I got for Christmas when the phone rang. My friends were calling to announce that they were in town already and wanted to see my new place.

I panicked for a moment as I looked around my tiny apartment. The place was heaped with dirty clothes, torn sheets of notebook paper, and unwashed dishes. I quickly remembered that I lived in an artist's community that was once a retirement home and could probably get away with just giving them a tour of the building itself.

My old roommates arrived, bringing along one of their friends. I showed them around and it wasn't long before they were all in my messy room. I was then informed that we were not going for coffee down the street - we were going to lunch downtown to meet up with some people I hadn't thought about since college.

The plan to fuel up on caffeine, catch up with friends, and then return to my creative zone was sabotaged. Now I was driving across town to have a surprise reunion in an Italian restaurant that I couldn't afford. Turns out everybody had jobs and money now. I sat there in my fur beret and ordered half a cheese sandwich. I ate silently while everyone talked about grown-up things like interior decorating. 

Wasn't it just a couple of years ago that we were sitting around eating Taco Bell while puking out essays?  

Since when did my friends think it was fun to talk about jobs, budgeting, and IKEA furniture? Considering that I couldn't even figure out how to successfully take a warm shower everyday, let alone find a job, I had absolutely nothing to add to any of these conversations.

One girl finally asked what I had been up to lately and I mumbled something about writing a rock opera. There was a moment of awkward silence. 

And in that moment, I felt like I was from a different planet.

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