Learn Spanish in 60 days

Learn Spanish in 60 days

A new DVD language learning program for children claims to be the world's fastest way for kids to learn Spanish. The Learn Spanish for Kids program for elementary age children includes 60 interactive lessons on ten DVDs and product developer David Ellison says, "If parents will encourage their kids to spend just 20 to 30 minutes a day watching the lessons, they'll learn more Spanish in 60 days than most students learn in several years of traditional classroom teaching."

Ellison's system uses repetitive teaching methods, exciting graphics and lively music to create entertaining lessons that hold a child's attention while creating visual links in their memory through sight, sound, and speech association.

Recommended for ages 4-12, Learn Spanish for Kids was created by Progressive Media Partners, LLC a company started by Andre Hoffner and David Ellison. The owners have backgrounds in media production and technology and combined their skills to create this cutting edge language learning product specifically designed for kids whose parents want to expose them to a foreign language at an early age because of its developmental, educational, and future career benefits. (For example, studies have proven that children who learn a second language score much higher on ACT/SAT and other standardized tests.

Experts also say that learning Spanish at an early age makes learning additional languages later in life much easier. There's also another benefit: Although Learn Spanish for Kids is designed for kids, the program is fun for the entire family and a lot of moms and dads are learning along with their kids.

If you're curious about how the Learn Spanish for Kids program works, you can view a free sample video at: www.englishtospanishforkids.com. The DVD series is also available for purchase online at www.languagezoom.com and www.englishtospanishforkids.com. 

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