Skiing With Your Kids

Skiing With Your Kids

Winter is almost upon us and with it, skiing season in North America. Each year, thousands of families visit family-friendly resorts that offer activities for kids of all ages. If you are teaching your little ones to ski this coming winter there are several things you have to remember:

Choose a resort that offers kid-friendly activities:

Ideally, resorts should have a kids-only are where children will be safe and won't feel intimidated. Some resorts even have "Kids Ski Free" promotions aimed at very young children (typically under 5 years old).

If possible, you should also choose a resort that offers Magic Carpet lifts. A Magic Carpets is basically a conveyor belt that will take skiers up a relatively gentle hill. These lifts are perfect for beginner skiers, as they are less threatening than chair lifts.

Kinderlift Family Choice Award Winner

Make sure you have the right gear:

From Skis and Ski Boots to Helmets, SAFETY should be your number one priority. This winter, Kinderlift, the children's safety ski vest used by leading ski schools around the world, is now available to parents who are skiing with their little ones. The Kinderlift safety vests are ideal for children 3 to 8 years old that are just learning to ski. The vests come with a strap on the back, which parents and instructors can use to easily grab on to and help kids get on and off the chairlift, or to pick them up when they fall. Their bright colors will also help you keep track of your little one when out on the slopes.

"The Telluride Ski and Snowboard School has been using Kinderlift vests to help create a safer, more enjoyable experience for our youngest guests for over a decade now," says Noah Sheedy, Director Ski and Snowboard School, Telluride Ski Resort.  "Lift operators find usefulness in the uber-strong back strap, which helps ensure safe chair loading and unloading each and every time". Ski instructors at resorts such as Vail, Beaver Creek, and Park City, also use Kinderlift vests in their kids ski school programs. 

Kinderlift vests are also a winner of the 2012 Family Magazine Group's Family Choice Award, which recognizes the best products and services for children and parents.

Remember to have fun!:

As a parent, don't get too caught up in the role of "instructor". Children under four may not have developed the needed muscles, so don't get frustrated if they're having a hard time. Instead, concentrate on the joy of being on the mountain. Remember, if they're not having fun, they won't want to come back!



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