Djanel Spa and Salon

Djanel Spa and Salon

I would imagine, like me --within each day, week, month - there are more tasks than hours as you run around taking care of this rigmarole, called life. I'm talking about the toll our backs take from sitting in our cars for long periods of time on the freeways, with tension mounting in every muscle in your body.

I'm talking about the groceries we first have to get from the cart to our cars, from our cars into our homes, from our homes into their respective cabinets. I'm talking about the laundry that has to be separated, the pockets that have to be checked, to lifting the recently-created gallon detergent jugs and bleach bottles ... and that's just some of the physical labor.

Now on an emotional level, let's now talk about the families we have to cater to, the co-workers and managers we have to tolerate, the mistakes that have to be corrected on our personal billings, the personal relationships we'd like to manifest, the idiots hanging on the tail of your cars...

I'm sure you see yourselves in these scenarios, if not all of them, yes? Do you hear yourself asking these questions: What about me? What am I doing for myself? When is it my turn?

Well, our bodies and minds need a vacation from this life-style. We need to and must take the time to indulge ourselves, pamper ourselves. We need a place for pure indulgence ... and I've got just the place for you: Djanel Spa and Salon, the ultimate oasis within Las Vegas. Once you enter the world of Djanel, you will want to stay forever. Djanel is located five-to-seven miles from the strip. It offers 5,000 sq. ft of space of magnificent tranquility.

Take the time to experience a full service spa at Djanel; specializing in skin care, body care and massage therapy (a pool for aquatic massages), facials, pedicures, and manicures, body scrubs. A one-year membership consists of one massage a month, two chauffeur-driven appointments, your own personally embroidered robe, complete gift basket, refreshments and catered light lunches. Private dining is available in the Courtyard featuring nature lunches.

The Courtyard is available for special events and corporate functions. Djanel is also the perfect venue for celebrating your special occasions (i.e., birthdays, wedding parties, promotions, anniversaries) and so many more, while enjoying many of the selective choices mentioned above.

If you need an immediate occasion to pamper yourself and your significant other, call Djanel's for a Valentine's Day gift certificate for couples' treatments. They are also offering a Valentine's special: a 50 min Swedish Massage, Hot Oil Scalp Treatment. Hand Treatment, Catered Bistro Meal served in their Ultra Lounge, and a free gift.

These services retail at $175 yours for only $99. To take advantage of this special, you need to book early- the offer expires on Tuesday February 28, 2006.

This Regional Editor tried it...LOVED IT! This year, I will feed my mind, body and stay in touch with my spirit through weekly visits to Djanel Spa and Salon. I strongly suggest you do the same, after all--you've earned it and you deserve it!

Djanel Spa and Salon, 5150 S. Pecos Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120, (702) 868-6000. Open seven days a week, 10am-7pm. Reservations are necessary.

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